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Seychelles Incorporation Benefits
  Incorporation fees are fixed for life. Even if the annual renewa
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A Guide For Starting A USA Business For Non USA Citizens
If you are thinking of starting a business in the USA as a Non-USA-Citizen, you
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Seychelles Incorporation FAQ
  Response from one of our contacts. Q: How popular is offshore co
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- I am a Non-USA Citizen and would like to open a corporate bank account for my Corporation or LLC. Can you assist me with this?

A- Yes we can assist Non USA Citizens to open Corporate bank accoount for their corporation or LLC or any other USA legal entity.

Q-What  would you require from me if I need a USA Bank Account set up for my business without the need to travel?

A- This service is one of the most needed services by Non USA Citizens  and also one that we need to ensure we know our client before we can assist them- for obvious reasons. You will need to provide us with details of your identiy, proof of address and all of the required document must be notorised.  We also need to know about the nature of your business, its track record and who the key directors /shareholders are. We do not offer this service to any client who is not prepared to provide us with the relevant documentation.

Q- How much do you charge for assisting clients to open a USA Bank Account if they are Non USA Citizens?

A- Our fees for this service starts from $750 and very much depends on the clients particular circumstances and what needs to be done. Our initial assessment of your current circumstances will enable us to determined whether we are able to accept you as a client or not. We only work with client that we know we will have 100% success rate with.

Q- How long will it take for my corporate bank account to be set up?

A- Usually it takes up to four weeks but this very much depends on how quickly the document required are sent to us.

Q- Is it legal for Europeans or Americans to set up a business overseas?
A- Absolutely, nowadays businesses are looking for new opportunities to grow and entering new markets in different countries is a sure way to do so.

Q- Does the Tax Authority frown on this practice?
A- As long as the business is set up in a way that it pays the correct taxes due to relevant tax authority there is no problem with this.

Q- Why will a business want to expand into different country?
A- The first and most critical reason is to expand market share in areas where existing products and services can be sold easily.

Q- Once a business has identified that it can sell its existing or even new products in new market say USA or Europe what steps should it take to do so?
A- The first step is to form an incorporated business in the country they wish to operate, then open a business bank account. Next is to set up a local office with a local telephone number. This does not need to be a physical office . A virtual office with a mail forwarding service will be just as good and in many cases a cost effective option. Having a local telephone number that is answered promptly and professionally by a virtual receptionist /staff is very important to enable your business to gain credibility with your customers and prospects. Depending on the nature of your business, a merchant account will be necessary to enable the business to take credit card payment online. Finally, having a registered agent in the local market that takes care of all official mails, accounts and tax matters is important.

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Why Incorporate Your Business Through Us..

• Our specialist area is to offer you a one stop service incorporating all you need to hit the ground running

• Our services include  assistance to open Corporate Bank Account in USA and Europe

• Our USA Bank Account Services For Non USA Citizens reduces the costs of travelling to the USA to finalise paperwork

• We Offer cutting edge consultancy services for business start-up and growth.

• Our fees are competitive and you get what you pay for within the agreed budget and time frame.

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